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Eclipse Keyboard Shortcut: Compare with Latest from Repository

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

I use Subversion within my Eclipse environment, and use the Compare with Latest from Repository option a lot. My Ctrl+Alt+C custom shortcut would not work though for some reason, so it was a case of right-clicking the file, and going through the options.


In Preferences>Keys, find “Compare with Latest..”, Category: SVN.

Set the binding e.g. Ctrl+Alt+C, and set When to Flash Global Scope

The next bit is what was stumping me, and took ages to figure out!!!!

Right Click on the Command Bar>Custom Perspective>Command Groups Availablity.. tick SVN… now the shortcut will work.

Preferences Options

Preferences Options

SVN Custom Perspective

SVN Custom Perspective


Also use Ctrl+Shift+B to skip all breakpoints, use this loads:

Skip All Breakpoints