Flash Builder/Eclipse Breakpoint Working Sets

As a way of managing (sharing, exporting, or importing) breakpoints, the Working Sets feature of Flash Builder/Eclipse can be used.

There are many occasions when I will have dozens of temporary breakpoints set while working on a particular issue/task, and at the same time I will have some permanent breakpoints that I wish to monitor regardless of the task I am working on. When the temporary task is completed, I usually just want to delete all the breakpoints in one go, but it can be tedious having to go through and deselect all of the permanent breakpoints. This is where Working Sets can come in very handy.

I have a default Working Set (WS), and any breakpoints that I create automatically get set under this WS. I also create a secondary WS, and call it Permanent, and simply move the permanent breakpoints to this WS. In the Breakpoints tab, hit the down arrow, and select Working Sets and create some new ones. Then set the default working set.

Create, then set the Default Working Set

Create, then set the Default Working Set

Group you breakpoints by Breakpoint working sets:


When Deleting breakpoints, just select the Default WS and hit the single X button. The Permanent breakpoints will be left as is. Voila!

Delete just the Default breakpoints

Delete just the Default breakpoints


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