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Multiple Workspaces with Flash Builder 4

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

A lot of the projects and project revisions I work with contain projects of the same name. It’s handy to have multiple workspaces, so that multiple instances of FB4 can be open at the same time (saves you having to remove projects from the IDE to load a diff project).

1. Windows>Preferences>General>Startup & Shutdown>Workspaces

Tick Prompt for Workspace

2. Handier if in My Documents, so created a FB4 folder and on startup of FB4 browsed to this location.

3. Do this for each workspace (basically just a folder) you want to create.

4. In your Flash Builder install folder, open FlashBuilder.ini and add an argument:                -showlocation on the line after en_us. This will add the workspace to the title of FB4 when you open it.

To use the same settings for multiple workspaces copy the settings folder of your original workspace folder: \.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings, and paste to your new workspace metadata.